Bridal Hair and Make up

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Bridal Hair and Make up

A Brides hair and make up can be just as important as the Dress itself, the choice of hair and makeup can really tie in the entire look.

A Bride can go for a minimal, neutral less is more style, or do the opposite and go for a more bold and bright look, there is also chic and elegant, Bohemian, princess, royalty, avaunt guard/conceptual, modern, vintage and much more.

The style of hair and make-up that you choose to have on your wedding day does not exactly have to match the dress you are wearing, for example, a extravagant dress does not necessarily need extravagant hair and make-up and a simple dress does not necessarily need simple hair and make-up, you can mix it up however you want and create your own unique Bridal look. A bold and bright lip can really make a simple dress pop and neutral make up can tone down and balance out your extravagant gown, or you can go all out with each style and have your hair and make-up match your wedding dress. Other things to take into consideration is weather, venue and theme. Really anything goes with bridal hair and make-up!