Moving away from the rustic chic and vintage styling, flower trends for 2018 are very sophisticated with a rich colour palette and plenty of fun contrasts. For brides, there is nothing quite like clutching a bouquet filled with fresh, fragrant flowers grown with love and harvested by hand by a local farmer or designer with whom they have a personal connection.

Since this Romantic month has come upon us, here at GWM we decided to do s Special Sale for all brides getting married soon. Come in or book your appointment before the 28th of February and receive a 30% Off all Samples or a 15% Off all new Orders. What a better way to start planning your perfect wedding!

Bridal Shower is for the Maid of Honor, it’s time to plan the perfect bridal shower for your best friend. Here are some tips that will get you through it.

Remember that communication is key unless it’s a surprise. It’s super important to know what the bride wants. Discussion about the date, if it’s all women or co-ed. All of this is very important questions to ask before you start planning.