Wedding planning



Have you started planning your wedding? Do you have a date yet? If so, it’s time to get organized, starting with your wedding invitations.

Wedding invitations are very important, they offer the guests a sample of what type of wedding you’re having, and they list critical information to make sure people know where to go and what time to be there.

Invitations should go out a couple of months to six weeks before the wedding. Guests need to put the date on their calendars. They may also need to ask for time off from work and make hotel reservations if they’re coming from out of town.

You might also want to consider sending a “save the date” card.

We have recently seen a change in wedding receptions and what most people are talking about right now are food trucks. If the whole sit down dinner idea isn’t your cup of tea, hiring a food truck to feed your guests might just be perfect for you. The food trucks are taking the wedding industry by storm. This gives you a more casual, yet non the less tasty, catering option for the wedding celebrations. So here is a list of our fav food trucks in Victoria.