Wedding planning



Bridal Shower is for the Maid of Honor, it’s time to plan the perfect bridal shower for your best friend. Here are some tips that will get you through it.

Remember that communication is key unless it’s a surprise. It’s super important to know what the bride wants. Discussion about the date, if it’s all women or co-ed. All of this is very important questions to ask before you start planning.

If finding a dress that you love is very important, finding the shoes that go with it can be quite tricky. You want something that’s going to last, beautiful, and most importantly comfortable. Most people now a day rather spent more money on shoes and get something a bit more out there, a shoe that talks and makes a statement; something that you can wear after your wedding and still be fashionable. Here are some of the brands that we love in Melbourne.

Getting marriage is the most wonderful thing. And walk down the aisle in the perfect dress just for you can make your wedding day become the most amazing thing has ever happened. There are so many gorgeous dresses on the market that sometimes is difficult to know what’s going to work better for your body shape, type of wedding or personality. Here are a few tips and suggestions so you can find your perfect dress and make the experience memorable.