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By now Christmas is just around the corner. If you are a bride-to-be who just adores Santa, why not combine it with your big day and have your own festive Christmas-themed wedding? Our team has been looking for some ideas to help you arrange a cheerful ceremony.


1. Wedding colour scheme


This is the season of red and green combination. The colour alone may be enough to give your wedding all the Christmas vibes. You may also like to add a lot of fresh, colourful flowers and greenery to make up a sweet colour palette. However, it’s not necessary to limit yourself in the red and green zone. Just be yourself and feely decorate your day with other possible palette like silver and white, gold and cream,…

2. Wedding cake


Cake is an unmissable part of the wedding. But if you are looking for a way to keep the unique festive vibes, why not go for a gingerbread house as an alternative wedding cake? Otherwise, a classic wedding cake with some incorporating flowers and foliage on top would be a great idea!

3. Dress

Christmas is such a good chance for bride to be outstanding on her big day. It is likely that your guests will show up dressing in Christmas colour, so an all-white gown which is elegant but sophisticated at the same time would surely make you stand out in your Christmas wonderland!