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You have been chosen to be a bridesmaid for your sister or bestie on her wedding. Now holding a not-so-small task of preparing for a bachelorette night? Planning is the key to a perfect send-off party. So, let’s be organised!

  1. Save the date

It is extremely important to decide a date in a reasonable time frame. It is ideal to spend 4-6 weeks organising the party, and the bride and her guests need time to recover before the big day. So, do not, under any circumstance, procrastinate until the day before the wedding!


  1. Know your audiences!

Let’s sit with our bride-to-be and work out who she wants to participate on this special night. Knowing your audiences could be way more helpful than you think while planning next steps. We don’t want to miss out her important people, but also, don’t want to involve too many people with different preferences, otherwise, everything would turn out much more difficult. 

  1. Affordable party

Setting a realistic budget is one of the most important things that should be done before any research. Make sure that you have limited your money worries for the party and don’t let a fun night become an incredible debt.