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GWM In Polka Dot Bride Magazine

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GWM is always up to something 🙂 . This month, apart from attending the #WeddingAndBrideExpo , we were fortunate enough to be featured on the Polka Dot Bride Magazine Website

Snippet From PolkaDot Bride

They were so kind as to shed a little light on the detail, finesse and love our designers and entire team have put into this new ‘Love Birds’ themed collection.


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****Bridal Style***

” Melbourne designers GWM wedding continually challenge themselves in new and innovative ways. Today, we’re unveiling their new “Love Birds” collection… the team have worked to weave the beauty of spring through each gown, beading, lace and appliques of flowers, birds and intricate detailing all bringing the sense of renewal to life…”

Check out our collection being broken down by experts and have a quick glimpse at pieces of our collection, however pictures never truly do the intricate and unique details in the dresses justice. If you are curious and would like to stop by or if you have any questions or queries feel free to email us at or call 0391917838.