Should You Choose Your Venue Before Your Wedding Dress?

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Should You Choose Your Venue Before Your Wedding Dress?

After the question has been popped and the excitement has temporarily subsided, the first thing you think is ‘The Dress! … The Venue! ‘ The biggest concern being, which of the two to lock down first?

We often hear from a majority of brides that they have to choose the venue then the dress. However a few ladies are happy to get their dream gown and build the wedding around it.


Vera Wang insists that the venue is important:

“…Because until you know what the venue is, and until you know how many guests, and how big, or small, or intimate the wedding is, you can’t really be properly advised in terms of what to wear.”

This is very accurate especially when you do not have an idea already of the season, type or size of wedding you would like to have that means any dress selection made before this may give you a bad case of buyers remorse.


However, if you have all these variables locked down in your mind or have actually booked a venue then by all means ladies give us a shout and we will be ready to cater to you. Like Shakespeare once said, “To each his own…” Just rest assured that whatever you choose GWM is here to take care of you  : )


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