We’re Back at the Affordable Weddings Expo in Malvern. It seems like it’s raining expos this month and GWM hasn’t been left behind.

We had two gorgeous and quaint stands during the Bridal and Honeymoon expo last Sunday at the MCEC opposite Crown Casino.

GWM Model Brides

There was a line up of eager brides and wedding involve-es already present and in line to get in a couple of minutes prior to the expos opening time which offered clear foresight into how packed the entire venue ended up being. The event showstopper was the bridal catwalk  where models represented various bridal boutiques and designs on one stage, us included:

Our designs continue to cater for a variety of bridal tastes and silhouettes seeing as we offer custom made and ready to wear gowns all tastefully designed in house.

Bridal Gown Models and Designer Ines

Now, we are looking forward to our second expo of the month, The Affordable Weddings expo this Sunday at Malvern town hall from 10 am to 2 pm. We will be giving away 20% discount vouchers on gowns (redeemable in store) to all or favorite and soon to be customers. All are welcome to peruse and chat with us at our stand. See you there!

With wedding season come the issue of finding an outfit to wear to the celebration. Traditionally speaking, wearing black to a wedding is considered taboo. Whether it’s a sign of mourning, a symbol of evil, or a sign of bad luck for the marriage. Like many etiquette rules surrounding weddings often fall into a grey area.

These are the styles, colours and trends you’re likely to see at weddings in 2019. Prepare to be inspired. It’s undoubtedly an honor to be a part of a bridal party, but your longtime beloved confidantes deserve to equally look and feel gorgeous and confident as you do on the big day.