3 Reasons To Bustle, Not Cut Your Wedding Dress Train

3 Reasons To Bustle, Not Cut Your Wedding Dress Train
Bustles are an after thought once your mind is set on your special dress ?, they help mange the train unless you decide on a short train or none. Rather than cut ?‍♀️your train, here are some reasons to bustle it instead ?? ?

Ease Of Movement 

For the ladies who indeed want #RoyalTrain length gowns, trust and believe that you will need a bustle or two to reign in it in after the regal photos have been taken.

Cut Cost 

If you are looking to save that extra dollar, a neat bustle would cost you under AUD 50 in most stores. However, cutting your train may be complicated depending on the beading or lace as well as other embellishments that cost a bit more to remove and redo.

Achieve Two Looks

The idea of having different looks between the ceremony and reception can be done in a subtle way with the use of a bustle and different fabrics. A longer train at the ceremony can give a bridal aura whereas bustling it at the reception can give your dress a more evening wear or relaxed feel. This basically depends on the style of the bride, bustling can add or reduce more volume/drama to your dress.


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