Best wedding dress for pregnant bride?

Best wedding dress for pregnant bride?

If the baby bump comes before the wedding, there will be a mix of excitement and concern around you. Which dress and material will suit you the most without breaking the bank for future baby? 

At GWM Wedding, our professional designers can come up with a custom-made dress to maximise your comfort. Just following the basic steps mentioned below:

  1. Choose the right fabric: with the consultancy from our designer, you will find the right material for you, the one you feel most comfortable in. Firstly, find a material that allows you to grow, a stretchy fabric. Secondly, find a soft material that allows movement and comfort. These fabrics could be chiffon, tulle or crepe.
  2. Pick the right gown: best to have a lace-up back to allow flexibility and extra room with a large panel. An A-line shape or an empire waist gown will help to hide the baby bump. For those brides want to show her curves, then a mermaid or trumpet will do its job perfectly.
  3. Order your dress one size larger: this allow you to fit in the dress when your big day comes and be able to alter it if necessary.
  4. Get your dress extra length: Keep in mind that the more the bump grows the shorter the length of the front will be, allow extra fabric to readjust the hemline later on.
  5. Choose the right shoes and height: choose stylish and comfortable shoes but keep the heel height to a minimum to protect your back and for your own safety.
  6. Just relax and have fun: don’t stress out too much. Since you are having a baby, take the opportunity to include the good news into your wedding. A creative way to celebrate both your pregnancy and your wedding is to reveal the sex of your baby. A color inside your wedding cake, which indicate your child’s sex. This fun moment will create a great excitement for your guests.

At the end, no matter what you decide to wear on your special day. A pregnant bride deserves her best memories and will be shinning bright like a diamond on her special day.

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