Valentine’s Day is a perfect date to get married and embrace your romantic side. If you’re considering tying the knot on Valentine’s Day, we’ve got some cool ideas to make…

Wedding Gift Boxes

Our Bridal /Wedding Gift Boxes are brightening up our #christmaswindow display.

GWM Coming To You At The Melbourne Bridal And Honeymoon Expo

GWM is elated to have the opportunity to participate in Melbourne’s 2018 Bridal and Honeymoon Expo and would love to invite all our curious potential and regular clients to the…

Is it Okey to wear black to a wedding?

With wedding season come the issue of finding an outfit to wear to the celebration. Traditionally speaking, wearing black to a wedding is considered taboo. Whether it’s a sign of…

TOP 5 Bridesmaids Trends for 2019

These are the styles, colours and trends you’re likely to see at weddings in 2019. Prepare to be inspired. It’s undoubtedly an honor to be a part of a bridal party,…

Bridesmaids Gifts Questions and Ideas

Giving your Bridesmaids a thank-you gift is not required, but it never goes unappreciated. Your wedding party’s been with you since the beginning, so giving each member of your group…

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