Here at GWM Wedding, we’re always talking about the latest trends and coming up with creative wedding ideas. That is why today we’re going to show you some wedding dress…

We Are Back At The Affordable Weddings Expo

We’re Back at the Affordable Weddings Expo in Malvern. It seems like it’s raining expos this month and GWM hasn’t been left behind. We had two gorgeous and quaint stands…

Is it Okey to wear black to a wedding?

With wedding season come the issue of finding an outfit to wear to the celebration. Traditionally speaking, wearing black to a wedding is considered taboo. Whether it’s a sign of…

TOP 5 Bridesmaids Trends for 2019

These are the styles, colours and trends you’re likely to see at weddings in 2019. Prepare to be inspired. It’s undoubtedly an honor to be a part of a bridal party,…

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