Wedding Garter- The perfect hidden accessory

Wedding Garter- The perfect hidden accessory

When it comes to wedding traditions most people just do them without asking why. Here we talk about the Garter

History and Traditions

Tossing the wedding garter is an old time tradition. After the wedding festivities, the guest would accompany the newlywed couple up to their bedroom to ensure that the couple arrived safely and to wish them well; but most importantly to get some kind of proof of their wedding consummation. In order for it to be proven, it was a common tradition to have family and friends come into the room with the couple. It was considered good luck for a guest to take home a little piece of the brides clothing (the Garter).

Over time, this night ritual evolved into a wild wedding night romp where guests would tackle the bride, ripping her clothes off hopping for a piece of her attire. The Garter, which at that time was used to hold up a woman’s stockings, would get tossed and it was considered good luck for whoever caught it; and not only that but it meant that whoever caught it will be the next to get married.

In Marriage Customs of the World, George Monger explains how “bridal garters were prizes as love tokens with magical properties”.

The wedding garter toss was eventually incorporated into the wedding reception to help keep guests at bay and pass on the good fortune. This still remains as part of many modern weddings. Many couples just love the history and the tradition of a wedding and are looking for an heirloom to pass on.

How to wear it

Most of the brides have one question when it comes to garters, which leg does it go on? Well, the answer is simple, it’s up to you. It just doesn’t matter!

Back in the day, garters were purely functional and worn on both legs to keep up socks and stockings. Because of that garters used in today’s weddings can be worn on either leg. It really comes down to comfort and what comes naturally to you.

Don’t think about it too much, just put your wedding garter on whichever leg you reach for first.

If you are thinking about having two garters so you can keep one, the main one and the tossing one should go on the same leg. Why you ask. Because if you have one wedding garter on each leg, your groom might grab the wrong one by accident, defeating the purpose of a tossing garter. So, if you have a wedding garter set then wear both wedding garters on the same leg; the one you keep should be on top of the tossed one.

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Thank you for reading, and feel free to check out our selection of Garters.


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