• Belt5

      BRIDAL BELT 02

      In house Belt 02, made of long beads, full wrap around.

    • Belt3

      BRIDAL BELT 03

      In house Belt 03. Ribbon belt with diamonte pattern.

    • BRIDAL BELT 05

      In house Belt 05, made of long beads (silver) and clear round beads, full wrap around.

    • Belt6

      BRIDAL BELT 06

      In house Belt 06. Diamonte and pearl pattern string with ribbon ends.

    • BRIDAL BELT 07

      In house Belt 07, made of different size diamontes (silver), with an hombre effect.

    • BRIDAL BELT 08

      In house Belt 08, made of long beads, detail only around the front with ribbon straps.

    • BRIDAL BELT 09

      In house Belt 09, braid effect with beads (silver) in a ribbon base.

    • BRIDAL BELT 10

      In house Belt 10, pearls and diamonte beads in a wave pattern on a ribbon base.

    • BRIDAL BELT 11

      In house Belt 11, beads and diamonte pattern in the center front of the belt. Base of ivory ribbon.

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